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Radial Timber Sales www.radialtimbers.com.au
The home of Radial Timber Sales. For the latest product information, product specification and galleries of feature architectural projects. Be inspired by the radial revolution.
Radial Timber Information www.radialtimber.com
Radial Timber’s corporate website featuring the history and technology behind the revolution
Preschem www.preschem.com
The sister company of Radial Timber Sales. Manufacturers of quality timber preservatives and exterior timber finishes. Availible directly through Radial Timber Sales
Screenboards www.screenboards.com.au
A site dedicated to screenboards utilising radial timber products.
Hardwood Decks www.hardwooddecks.com.au
A site dedicated to hardwood decks.
ITLTS www.itls-twa.com.au
Another manufacturer of quality exterior timber finishes and preservatives. Available directly through Radial Timber Sales
Timber Information www.timberinfo.com.au
A free information service for the general public on all matters relating to timber. Proudly co-sponsored by Radial Timber Sales and Preschem